#6tags — Ancient Astronauts

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When we think about music with “street feel,” cities like New York, LA and London immediately come to mind. Atlanta, Havana and — especially considering what’s coming out of there these days — Cairo would be on that list too. But Cologne, Germany? Yeah, that doesn’t exactly leap out.

Yet, that’s the place where the duo known as Ancient Astronauts was born, and where they make some of the dubbiest, bassiest, beat friendliest sounds around. They started promoting events to serve as vehicles for their unique DJ’ing and remixing styles, a move that ultimately led to their co-creating Switchstance Recordings in 2001.

It’s difficult to nail down what they do, because they do so much: making dubbed out versions with Tippa Irie and Zion Train, simply dope hip/hop with The Pharcyde or Raashan Ahmad, or bass-laden soundscapes with Bajka and Shawn Lee, are but a few examples.

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It’s as if Ancient Astronauts are time travelers, here to show us the way to some distant musical future.