#6tags — FirewoodPoetry

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Back when we ran a record label, we'd get lots of music submissions, pretty much on a daily basis. We'd usually let these pile up for a slow, rainy day, but when we received FirewoodPoetry's demo, something told us to give it a listen right away. We're glad we did.

Recording out of a small cabin on beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC (it's one over to the east of Vancouver), FirewoodPoetry (aka Trinity Forbes) translates delightful textures from her glowing heart to our thirsty ears.

Sultry electronic meditations warp into low-flame dance heat to reveal an artist finding new direction and confidence with each new song.

[FirewoodPoetry's versatility means you'll hear her on a number of Conduit channels, including EasyRiser, Twilight, Calmbience, GYSHIDO and, if you're lucky, UPbeats.]

Since we first became acquainted with the music of FirewoodPoetry a couple of years ago, she's gone from living room gigs on her home island to playing festivals of many types across Canada. We're glad we got in on the ground floor with this talented artist.

The lesson: trust your instincts.