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Like the finest artists of any medium, Juana Molina creates her own universe and then sets out to explore and inhabit every nook, cranny, corner and crevice of it. Once one becomes familiar with her sound, the Buenos Aires-based artist’s music is unmistakeable: grounded in earthiness yet largely electronic; ethereal and spacious, but not spacey; smooth yet richly textured; lush but simple; dark, but not depressingly so.

At one time, Juana was Argentina’s most beloved comedian, the star of her own TV show. After seven years on-air, her pregnancy required her to take a few months off, a period during which she reflected on her life and chose to walk away from TV in order to reconnect with her musical roots (she’s the daughter of musicians).

Seven albums later — most of them made entirely on her own in her backyard studio — Juana’s firmly entrenched herself as one of Argentina’s finest musical exports (that’s saying something, considering the country’s thriving music scene), and is a verified star in the constellation of underheard music that’s so often missed by the North American and European mainstream.

[Juana Molina is one of the inspiring artists we had in mind when we created Conduit. From EasyRiser to Twilight, Calmbience to GYSHIDO — and UPbeats too — hers is a sound that has something for everyone. Try 10 sets for free on Conduit, and you’re sure to hear something for you too.]

Juana’s latest release, Halo (out on Crammed Discs), is her first since 2013 and was well worth the wait: clearly mined from the same seemingly bottomless vein as all of her music, yet original and unique in its sound. Once you start listening to Juana Molina, there’s no turning back. It's a journey worth taking.

Listen to “Sin Dones”:

Watch “Paraguaya”: