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There are DJ’s, and there are musicians. Vancouver’s Kid Koala easily qualifies as both. Since the mid-90’s, when his first mixtape, Scratchcratchratchatch, landed him a deal with Coldcut’s legendary Ninja Tune label, he’s managed to thread a very difficult needle: a career that’s been trending up and to the right from the get go, landing him major gigs and worldwide acclaim, while maintaining real indie cred as he remains just under the mainstream radar.

A talented illustrator whose hand drawn works appear on the covers of his dozen or so releases, Kid Koala takes a true artistic approach to his diverse endeavors. Whether he’s scratching and sampling up a beat-driven storm, rocking his turntables like they’re an electric guitar, easing you into elegant ambience or enhancing your cinematic experience with his deft soundtrack work, Kid Koala approaches it with the fearless experimentalism of a natural born creator.

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Hard to believe at this point, but there are still some who consider DJ’s and other electronic artists as something less than musicians. They’re mere button pushers who simply press “play” and let the machines do the work. Spend a little time with Kid Koala’s music and hear this true craftsman easily put the lie to that misguided belief. It's not the instrument; it's what you do with it.