#6tags — Mop Mop

[#funkified #afro #jazzy #polyrhythmic #tropical #souldance]

Self-described as a "bastard performance of modern jazz," Mop Mop is Italian musician/producer/composer Andrea Benini.

In more concrete terms, Mop Mop is a funk/afro/jazz mix. Whether working alone in the studio or with his live ensemble, Mop Mop stirs all three of those elements into a unique musical language that’s easily and equally understood by clubbers and jazz aficionados.

The African polyrhythms that drive Mop Mop’s music lend themselves beautifully to inventive reinterpretations by such topline remixers as Simbad, Nostalgia 77, Grant Phabao and Africaine 808, among others (check Isle of Magic — Remixed).

“Bastard” that it may be, we like to think of Mop Mop’s music as a true force in the constant reinvention of jazz, and an effective battering ram against the confining walls of genre.

Give it a try. You’ll see.