#6tags — Skinshape

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Skinshape is Swanage, England-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Will Dorey. We first came upon him during a Bandcamp mining expedition, and “Summer,” from his first full-length release, Oracolo, was pretty much our go-to theme song for the season that shares its name.

His second full album (there’s also an inaugural self-titled EP from 2014), Life & Love, just dropped a few weeks ago and, just as with Oracolo, it’s been on repeat since we first laid ears on it. As with his previous projects, Dorey plays almost all of the instruments and lays his plaintively soulful vocals over the top. The result is 10 bedroom studio-built tracks perfect for lazy, hot summer days and the breezy nights that go with them.

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Descriptions of Skinshape’s music include experimental soul, downtempo funk and psychedelic trip hop. With listed influences that include 60’s era spaghetti westerns and afrobeat, 50’s/60’s RnB and 90’s hip hop, one might suspect that Skinshape’s sound is deep, warm and wide. In this case, one would be correct.