#6tags - Steinski

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In the early '80's, Steve Stein aka Steinski, together with Doug "Double D" DiFranco, created the first of The Lessons, a trio of sample-laden sound collages disguised as hip hop mixes.

The Lessons exerted immeasurable influence and inspiration over some of today's most important producers and DJ's, including Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, Fatboy Slim and DJ Nu-Mark.

Steinski's Nothing to Fear mix, originally created for the (also legendary) Solid Steel Radio Show, is a timeless document of hip hop mixmastery. (Upon hearing it for the first time today, our intern commented that she couldn't recall "the last time I heard something that excited me more." It's that good.)

Get a tracklist and stream/download Nothing to Fear here.

Illegal Art's definitive What Does It All Mean? retrospective includes all of The Lessons, several other Steinski and Double D creations, and the full Nothing to Fear mix. (We wish we could hear it for the first time again. Good thing it never gets old.)

Foundational stuff.