#6tags — The Heliocentrics

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You might expect a band called The Heliocentrics to have at least a slightly spaced-out sound, and in that regard, the London-based psych jazz collective does not disappoint. The core group of drummer/producer Malcolm Catto, bassist Jake Ferguson, guitarist Adrian Owusu and multi-instrumentalist Jack Yglesias have been making strangely beautiful music together since the late 90’s. As if to confirm any preconceptions one might draw from their name, their 2007 debut (out on Now-Again) is titled (appropriately), Out There.

In addition to the consistently excellent output they generate on their own, the group has also engaged in some intriguing and fruitful collaborations with artists such as Ethio-jazz legend Mulatu Astatke, Persian/Afghan music expert Lloyd Miller, and Nigerian AfroSoul man Orlando Julius. Each of these projects reveals the many diverse directions in which The Heliocentrics are willing and able to travel with their music. Taking their catalog as a whole, that’s a lot of different directions.

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Given this band’s capacity for just about anything, it’s not easy to pick a representative track. That first album is a classic; the Astatke collab is a modern jazz essential; their Fallen Angels singles collection: terrific throughout. So, let’s just take the pressure off and go with “Oh Brother,” our (current) favorite song from their latest^, A World of Masks*. It features a new discovery, Slovakian singer Barbora Patkova and provides a nice intro to their chunky, spacey sound.

Set your controls for the heart of The Heliocentrics and get happily lost in space.

^Turns out The Heliocentrics have a brand new record dropping this Friday (30 June 2017) on Soundway: the original soundtrack to the film The Sunshine Makers, about the pioneers of the 1960’s drug counterculture.