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Ted Thacker’s been a stalwart of Colorado’s Front Range music scene for a good 25 years or so (maybe longer; that’s just when I first heard him) [full disclosure: I’ve been friends with Ted since I first heard his music 25 or so years ago].

Everything he’s done, from the riotously entertaining and stunningly great quasi-punk band Baldo Rex, to beatbox-backed (and eventually full band) Veronica, to “I Cried Like a Little Boy,” a composition of his that was a hit for fellow Coloradans DeVotchka, Ted’s top flight musicianship is obvious. His six-string acumen and songwriting gifts (not to mention his fearless, endearing stage presence) make him more than a “local musician.” I’ve always thought of Ted as a world class artist who just happens to live near me.

Working under the anagrammatic guise of The Red Tack, Ted’s just dropped an album that shows just how far he’s come musically, and how much more he has to offer us. On The (K)night of the Sorrowful Face, The Red Tack’s punkcowboypoet, happysad, drunksober persona plays us a dozen tales of living, loving, driving and crying. Cleverly disguised as twangy acoustic country (the good kind), Thacker slips in strains of punk, pop, exquisite balladry and even a little electronic texture.

It won’t take long (we estimate about two bars into the opening "The Ballad of Slim Cessna”) before you hear that this is some serious business. The kind of music that gets it’s hooks into you and — we hope — never lets go. This record feels like an arrival, an evolution, a culmination. Treat yourself.

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