#6tags — The Spy From Cairo

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Italian-born, Brooklyn-dwelling Zeb, aka The Spy From Cairo, is a musician for all seasons. In addition to his two solo albums (and a third on the way), he’s performed and/or recorded with Brooklyn Gypsies, Organic Grooves, Turntables on the Hudson and Nickodemus, and remixed 100’s of tracks including songs by Billie Holliday, Baaba Maal, Tosca and Astor Piazzolla.

He’s a brilliant multi-instrumentalist and a wizard of electronic sonic gadgetry, but the oud is his musical weapon of choice. From his tiny Brooklyn apartment, The Spy From Cairo stealthily (and prolifically) creates sounds with a global reach and sensibility.

[The Spy From Cairo is, naturally, a man of many musical guises. You’ll hear him on at least half of Conduit’s channels, including TerraSonic, GYSHIDO, Twilight and UPbeats.]

No typical espionage agent, The Spy From Cairo flips the script. He’s not eavesdropping on us. Rather, we’re all listening to him (or should be, anyway).