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“No label, and no advances. Just a couple chickens rolling thru space.”

This is how lead singer of Vundabar, Branden Hagen, describes the Boston-born trio's attitude. The band (filled out by drummer Drew McDonald and Grayson Kirtland on bass) channel their formidable playing energy into a turbulent force of rock 'n' roll that belies their young years.

The boys were neighbors with a passion for punky garage rock, and formed the band while attending high school in Massachusetts. During their junior year, they began writing songs as Vundabar, and two years later found themselves touring abroad, bringing their sludgy-jangle sound to the masses.

In 2013, Vundabar released their debut album, Antics. Each of the record’s 10 tracks shift seamlessly between hard edges and softer passages, lending a dynamic sense of downright dirty fun to the listening experience. Tricky guitar riffs and power chords, a tight rhythm section and post-punk vocal harmonies create a musical joyride that conjures memories of Slanted and Enchanted-era Pavement.

Since Antics, the band has dropped three more albums and taken their show around the world, gaining fans and traction wherever they play. With their explosive stage presence and goofy chemistry, it's clear that Vundabar has graduated from high school garage-rock with honors. Lend an ear, and know what it’s like to be a chicken rolling through space.

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