Custom Music Curation for Business + Pleasure

At their core, all businesses face the same challenge: get your message through to your audience. This happens in myriad ways. Today, I’m here to tell you how Conduit’s human-powered music curation services can support your efforts to connect with your customers.

Our expert curators select music with nuance, depth and a freshness that ties the thrill of discovery to your brand impression. The right music allows your customers to “feel” you, creating a valuable emotional connection that’s hard to replicate.

Here’s how Conduit can help your business employ music to power your message:

* Branded streaming music channels

Basically, a custom radio station streaming music curated to match your mission. Our curation team will work with you to identify artists, tracks, themes, keywords and other criteria to create a unique music mix that will keep your customers “tuned in” to your brand.

* Sharable, branded custom playlists

Our curators can create a periodic (daily? weekly? monthly?) branded mixtape that serves the dual purpose of bringing your brand to life and giving your audience a recurring set of thoughtfully-selected music to discover and enjoy. Build customer loyalty by getting them hooked on your product — and providing them with a regular fix of new sounds.

* Music at your events

Promotional events, customer/client appreciation parties, company happy hours, in-store audio, popup shops: whatever the setting, music can enhance the environment. Conduit’s curators can pre-sequence suitable music for your event, or DJ it live, reading the room to deliver real-time sonic ambience.

* Music selections for marketing campaigns

Looking for that one perfect song to drive your messaging home? Let’s get your marketing team together with our curation team to make your ad or campaign a #1 hit.

These are just a handful of ways that Conduit can help you achieve your goals. Get in touch and let’s discuss how Conduit’s music curation expertise can amplify your company’s presence and heighten your audience’s experience.

Now that we’ve got those wheels turning, let’s listen to some music. Here are sample sets from a few of the eight channels on Conduit's streaming music service. In addition to listening pleasure, they'll give you a clearer idea of the Conduit “sound”. (Keep in mind this is just a sampling; our crates are deep.)

GYSHIDO (music to help you Get Your SH!t Done) (Conduit's flagship channel)

Twilight (wind down the day with evening moods and dusky grooves)

UPbeats (high velocity sounds, good for dance and exercise)

EasyRiser (ease into the day)

TerraSonic (your magic carpet ride around the world of music)