Custom Music Curation for Business + Pleasure (pleasure edition)

Earlier, I wrote about all of the many ways that Conduit's custom music curation services for business can help you connect with your customers. Today, I'm here to tell you about how we can assist you with creating a lighter, more cohesive and happily productive work environment.

Since October 2015, I've been the Resident DJ at dojo4, a software development company that, in addition to being very good at what they do, also: places work/life balance as the highest priority; is a certified B-Corp; recently turned themselves into an employee-owned co-op — and immediately recognized the incalculable value of having an in-house DJ.

What does a Resident DJ do? In addition to attending to my day job as Minister of Music at Conduit (which, btw, was born at dojo4), I play music throughout the day over the office Sonos system. dojo4 is an open space where people with eclectic tastes in music work. I "take the temperature" of the room, and play to that. Naturally, it's much like what you'll hear on Conduit: overlooked and underheard sounds, thoughtfully selected.

If you ask her, Corey Kohn, a dojo4 co-founder, will tell you that having a Resident DJ enhances the workplace because:

•Listening to music collectively (“over the air”) rather than individually through headphones creates a unifying mood. The shared experience builds an esprit de corps, encourages teamwork and fosters productivity.

•A collective listening experience is sensorily, socially and mentally stimulating. It also promotes good humor and lightness.

•Having an expert curator in the office lends an interdisciplinary aspect to workplace culture. It allows skilled workers (including that “music person” that every office has at least one of) to focus on their area(s) of expertise, while the resident DJ focuses on providing a supportive music experience for all.

•A curation specialist “feels” the room and selects music to match the environment. The Resident DJ sets a tone, plays to and steers the mood and instills a sense of flow and movement.

•Music discovery is a unique intangible benefit to offer to your team. It’s educational, enriching and fun.

Conduit can provide Resident DJ services for your business in a number of ways, including:

workday soundtracks: one of our onsite curators plays music to support a productive work environment. These can be targeted to match specific times and the tone you want to set (e.g., get the week off on the good foot with a Monday morning session; get that project over the finish line with a Thursday afternoon sprint).

"flash" parties: a quick, in-office, "pop-up" dance party cures the midday doldrums, lightens the mood and sparks fresh ideas and creativity.

in-office FAC's/Happy Hours: set to skillfully-selected music, these gatherings promote employee bonding, camaraderie and company morale.

These are just some of the ways that Conduit can promote harmony, set the rhythm and raise the vibration in your office — and here’s how the pricing looks:

Contact Conduit today and let's discuss how music can make your workplace sing.

[header photo by Thomas Litangen]