Dancing About Architecture: Ignite 37 Mixtape

I had the honor and thrill of speaking at Ignite Boulder last week. I was one of 14 speakers chosen to give a talk designed to inspire, entertain and/or educate. I'll post the video once it's available and let you decide which, if any, of those marks I was able to hit. But being onstage in front of a packed Boulder Theater was an incredible rush and getting there was truly a journey.

My talk focused on music (natch) and how Spotify, Apple, etc. are incredibly useful but not the end-all, be-all of music curation. I try to put a sense of the "personal" into everything I do, and perhaps nowhere in my life does this manifest more than with music. No matter how good the algorithms get, I think (or at least hope) there will always be an uncanny valley between them and what an actual person might suggest — and that we'll still be able to feel the difference.

Under the Ignite format, I was allotted five minutes to give my talk, which was accompanied by 20 slides flashed for 15 seconds each. In the last slide, I noted the quote that "talking about music is like dancing without architecture," feeling that giving a five minute lecture about music without actually offering any prevented me from making my point completely.

Thus, I put together a mixtape (of music not available on the major music services, of course) to illustrate my point. And that's what I'm posting here today.

I'm sincerely interested in your feedback on this (and everything else I do). Please leave a comment here or under the mix on the Mixcloud page.

Enjoy and thanks for listening.