#funkyfriday — Adham Shaikh / "Outworld Ska"

Once a month for the past year, Conduit Minister of Music Joel Davis has been producing and DJ’ing Gateway (to the weekend), a hangout/dance party going down at dojo4 (the software dev co-op that graciously provides space for Conduit HQ). Last night was the 12th installment of Gateway, and we closed the year out with a bang.

For this edition of #funkyfriday — and while it’s still fresh in our minds — we wanted to feature a track that really got people moving last night, and here it is: “Outworld Ska” by Adham Shaikh.

[A quick note to say that "Outworld Ska" is but one example of the kind of music you'll hear on Conduit's UPbeats channel (or GYSHIDO) (or even TerraSonic). Listen to 10 sets for free to see what we're all about.]

Adham concocts his signature global bass sound in a converted school bus studio — The Sonic Turtle — parked at his woodland home in interior British Colombia. This track comes from his latest release, Sub Dubz Vol. 1, a short but sweet EP with plenty of dance floor movers and shakers.

Have a beautiful weekend, enjoy this groove and we’ll see you back here on #musicmonday.