#funkyfriday — Anubis / "Anubis"

There’s not a lot of info out there about the band Anubis. Straight outta the early ’70’s, the group originally performed as The Bobby Hamilton Quintet Unlimited, but they changed their name as the band grew from five to seven pieces and underwent a stylistic change. To commemorate their new iteration, they released a 7”: “Ecology” b/w “Anubis.” It was the first and last thing they ever released.

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Aside from an appearance on a Truth & Soul compilation called Soul Cal, this song may have vanished into obscurity if not for Edinburgh, UK-based label Athens of the North, who just reissued it as a single and digital download.

Seems appropriate that this song would experience a rebirth of sorts, considering it and the band take their name from the Egyptian god of the afterlife.

We hope “Anubis” contributes to your funky friday. Have a great weekend.