#funkyfriday — Basher Toe / "Spireality Pt. 1 (feat. Mama Loopa)"

Clues offering insight into the identity of Basher Toe are hard to come by. According to his Soundcloud, he’s from “Eclecticult,” Israel. His Bandcamp tells us that he hails from Mahanayim, Israel (an actual kibbutz), his real name is Chen Beer and, since 2011, he’s been producing all kinds of electronica (techno, house, trance, glitch, bass music, hip/hop, etc).

He’s got a few tracks out on his own, but it’s his new EP on Barcelona-based Folcore Records that’s got our attention. Reclaimed By Nature is four tracks (plus an instrumental version) of dense and vibey electrosoul w/prominent through-lines of ayahuasca-laced psy-trance. It’s a deep listen from top to bottom, but it’s the one non-instrumental track that’s got its teeth into us right now.

“Spireality Pt. 1” features Mama Loopa (Tair Gamliel-Tsabari) on the mic. Her incantatory flow doesn’t just capture the current zeitgeist, it takes that ambient anxiety by the horns, wrestles it to the ground and hogties it. Between Basher Toe’s thumping beat and Mama Loopa’s badass vocal swagger, we can’t get enough. It’s pretty much been on repeat since first listen and will be for the foreseeable future.

If maintaining an air of mystery is part of Basher Toe’s thing, cool. We’ll just wait here in the dark, listening for the next clue.

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