#funkyfriday — Cookin' Soul / "Best Times of My Life"

Here’s another artist, Cookin’ Soul, that’s hard to find much solid info about on the ol’ internets. We know it’s a DJ/producer duo from Spain. We know they’ve made a lot (a whole lot) of mixtapes, remixing a lot of classic and old school hip/hop along the way.

We also know that, like many of us, their lives were touched by the music of J Dilla, the legendary and beloved Detroit beatmaker who passed away from illness at the age of 32, just as his masterpiece, Donuts, was released in 2006.

His passing spawned countless tribute albums and tracks, including this one from Cookin’ Soul. If you know Dilla’s music, you’ll immediately notice the genius of this track. Of how it captures the essence of Dilla’s music, and his uncanny ability to infuse his beats with such emotional depth and feeling.

And for those who’ve never heard Dilla before, this is a nice taste of what awaits as you delve into his catalog. Welcome to the club. We’ve been waiting for you.

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