#funkyfriday — Dem Juju Poets / "Voodoo Jazz"


By definition, JuJu is a spiritual belief system originating in West Africa and incorporating amulets and spells adopted from religious practices (some say it's witchcraft). German producer David Hanke, the man behind the controls of Dem JuJu Poets, doesn't need enchanted objects to cast magic on his audience. The mastermind of Renegades of Jazz, he brings a fresh fusion that captivates any listener willing to surrender to the sound.

"Voodoo Jazz" (out on France's Radio Krimi Records) is a result of the unlikely blend of afro-funk and jazz. The upbeat guitar riff meets a subtle scat to form a curious harmony that'll conjure any soul to dance.

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Dem JuJu Poets have brewed up something special with "Voodoo Jazz." Give it a spin and you'll be under their spell.


Kat Buck

Conduit's first intern. Originally from greater Chicagoland. Studies marketing and design at CU-Boulder. Kat loves music and doing crazy things that she'll look back and laugh about in her 30's.

Boulder, CO