#funkyfriday — Etienne de la Sayette / "I'm So Cool In Seoul"

Today’s #funkyfriday track has been in regular rotation at Conduit since we first heard it nearly three years ago (Paris DJ’s originally dropped it on New Year’s Eve 2014). “I’m So Cool In Seoul” really is one of the “coolest” songs we know. The perfect low-key late-night/early-morning vibe works perfectly in just about any setting.

The track comes from Maputo Queens, the debut solo album by Paris-based Ethio-jazz-funkster Etienne de la Sayette. The worldly multi-instrumentalist is co-founder of Ethiopian jazzfunk band Akale Wube, and has contributed to plenty of other projects as well (including several more for Paris DJ’s).

This song elicits a lot of feels from us, but it’s probably easier to go with the label description of the track: “…the soundtrack to a very pleasant, relaxing road-movie. Close your eyes. You're in a taxi, in the streets of Seoul, Korea. It's the early hours, the day has just barely started. The sun is slowly rising to some deep, soul jazz funkiness. In the background you hear some Zimbabwean mbira…”

Or, you could go with the elevator-pitch description: highest level spiritual jazz. And let there be no doubt: one listen and “I’m So Cool In Seoul” will touch and elevate your spirit. Onward, to the weekend!

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