#funkyfriday — Jamalski / "Ragamuffin Soul (Streamer Remix)"

Jamalski is the “original raggamuffin punkrock b-boy,” a NYC-born and raised ragga rapper packing great velocity and lyricism. Since first appearing on a Boogie Down Productions track in the early 90’s, he’s built a strong following touring the world with his high vibe live show.

Streamer is an Amsterdam-based artist/producer who’s been building a following over the last year or so with his inventive and fully thumping remixes of songs popular and obscure (they’re all available for download from his Soundcloud).

On “Ragamuffin Soul,” Streamer lays down a bumping, 70’s RnB-flavored treatment over which Jamalski’s rapid fire flow soars. It’s a pure dose of sunshine for your weekend.

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Whether you’re sitting on a beach or a mountaintop (or in traffic on your way to one or the other), we wish you and your “Ragamuffin Soul” all the best for a long, hot, fun and safe holiday weekend. Keep on shining every day, friends.