#Funkyfriday — Keither Florence & The Associates / "Future"

Today, we’re dusting off a 39-year-old record by Keither Florence. These days, he’s a pastor in Wichita, professional gospel singer and father of six. Before starting a family and finding the church, however, he composed jazzy funk records.

That was back in the mid-70's, while Keither was attending Clark College in Atlanta but spending most of his time making music. It was there that he started a band called Krishna and created a label, Florence Records. The band ended up breaking up before they put an album out, but they did manage to eke out a few singles, including "Future."

Miracle of miracles, this gem was just uncovered and re-released by Tramp Records. Ironically, "Future" serves as a time-machine straight back to the 70's, before disco was considered the devil's music. Funk guitar breaks mingle with jazzy accents and a Sunday morning backbeat, creating the perfect thing to bump and hustle to on your way to church — or brunch.

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A track’s never too old to hear for the first time (our philosophy at Conduit: the only thing new is you finding out about it). All that matters is that the good people at Tramp Records dug up this beauty from the good Reverend Keither Florence. Praise be!


Kat Buck

Conduit's first intern. Originally from greater Chicagoland. Studies marketing and design at CU-Boulder. Kat loves music and doing crazy things that she'll look back and laugh about in her 30's.

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