#funkyfriday — Souleance / “Raw Funk #01”

If you're in the need for some unfiltered, straight-from-the-root sounds, throw on Raw Funk #01, Souleance's latest release. The opening track, “Johnny”, offers crisp breaks that'll stir the urge to boogie in any animate object.

Formed in France, Souleance is producer/"Low Club" beatmaker Fulgeance and DJ Soulist, producer of long-running Paris club night, What the Funk? Mixing disco, soul, funk, hip/hop, latin and more, Soulist's organic approach and Fulgeance's big beatbuilding skills make for a yin yang dynamic resulting in potent dancefloor chemistry.

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Funk asks many things of us: "Can you get down?" "Can you get funky?" "Do you know how to boogie?" But if the question itself is "what the funk?," the answer, obviously, is Souleance.


Kat Buck

Conduit's first intern. Originally from greater Chicagoland. Studies marketing and design at CU-Boulder. Kat loves music and doing crazy things that she'll look back and laugh about in her 30's.

Boulder, CO