#funkyfriday — The Allergies / "Since You've Been Gone"

For this #funkyfriday, we drop on you this tight little banger from Bristol, UK’s The Allergies. “Since You’ve Been Gone” is the b-side to the first single from Push On, their second release (and debut for the Jalapeño label). It’s a full force funk assault packed tight with tightly wound, surefire backbone slippers and dancefloor fillers.

“Love’s Supposed to Be,” from The Allergies’ first album, As We Do Our Thing, caught our ear and still hasn’t let go. With generous portions of funk, disco, beats, breaks and a touch of Northern Soul, as well as MC turns from Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling) and Dr. Syntax (The Mouse Outfit), Push On may be able to finally dislodge it. We’ve had it on blast all day here at Conduit HQ (#funkyfriday ain’t just a blog post — we live it).

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Since 2012, The Allergies have been on a mission to reshape vintage funk for the modern dance floor. Mission accomplished.