#funkyfriday — The Impellers / "Side B"

In honor of hip/hop turning 44 last week, it's time for a little history lesson.

Everybody loves a sample. Whether it be ice cream or a borrowed beat or a snatch of a horn section to loop on a track, it's always nice to have a little taste. Since the dawn of hip/hop, artists have been sampling tastes from RnB, funk and soul tracks classic and obscure. It’s the backbone of the genre (aside from those dope beats, of course).

The Impellers, a 12-piece funk outfit from Brighton, UK, have been taking spoonfuls of samples from funk and hip/hop’s most influential artists since their 2009 debut, Robot Legs. They've spent the last eight years liberating dance-floors across the UK and beyond with their super-heated sound.

On their new record As Sampled By, The Impellers pay tribute to the samples that inspired them — and a world-changing genre — by playing them live in a series of four extended medleys. “Side B” integrates familiar flavors like James Brown's "The Boss," with hints of unexpected sweetness, like a fragment from the punky-funk group A Certain Ratio, formed in Manchester circa 1977 during the post-punk movement. The band blends recognizable tastes with the obscure for a seamless and full-flavored listening experience.

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Since Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc and the rest of the crew up in The Bronx dropped those first beats in the early 80's, hip/hop has had an undeniably huge influence on culture, and those classic samples are at the heart of it. Because The Impellers know that history well, they’re able to advance it, rather than just repeat it. After this taste of “Side B,” we're hungry for the whole thang.


Kat Buck

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