#musicmonday — Ryan Oxford / "Fa Fa Fa Fired"

alt Ryan Oxford descends from a small town in rural Ohio, where tractors roam the streets and musical influence is scarce. Luckily, inspiration has a funny way of finding the right people, and despite the pastoral isolation, the music still found him. First, through the fascinating smell of an old turntable in the attic, and then by listening to a friend's musty 45's. But it was Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys who inspired him to spend an entire tax return on an 8-track tape machine and dive headlong into making music.

A decade later and now living in Portland, his passion for songwriting fought its way to the surface, and led him to craft the off-the-wall quirky album Fa Fa Fired.
He made it in a room above his recording studio, Color Therapy Recording, where he drums up whimsical tunes and writes his thoughtful odd lyrics.

This is Ryan's first go at creating a record, and its become clear that he has a natural talent for composing. The album flows in a way that expresses several different moods but still remains a whole story. The title track, "Fa Fa Fired" contains solo harmonies and sweet lyrics that are likely to trigger a flowery daydream (and fond memories of the Beach Boys).

At the end of the day, I don't know who fired Ryan Oxford, but I think they dropped the ball big time.

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FA FA FA FIRED - Ryan Oxford from AJ Molle on Vimeo.

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