#musicmonday — Arto Lindsay / "Seu Pai"

On Cuidado Madame, his first LP of original material since 2004’s Salt, Arto Lindsay successfully blends the major themes of his long, storied career into a single cohesive offering. “No wave” American Arto, bossa/samba-fluent Brazilian Arto, “Sexy Arto” and “Scary Arto” freely meld to reveal the guy who’s been there all along: plain ol’ Arto Lindsay, one of the most sweetly and sublimely subversive artists of the last 40ish years.

“Seu Pai” organically synthesizes all of these elements into four beautiful minutes, with Lucas Santtana’s guitar and electronics by DJ Omulu cross-hatching Lindsay’s vaguely Brazilian melody and wistful vocals.

[Arto Lindsay’s diverse brilliance works across many of Conduit’s eight channels, especially Twilight and TerraSonic, with strong traces of EasyRiser, GYSHIDO and Calmbience as well. Try 10 sets for free and start listening to the music you didn’t know you love.]

Cuidado Madame is an exploration of the cultural nexus of Afro-Brazilian spirituality and western modernity. As the American-born son of missionaries, Arto spent much of his formative years in Brazil, during the Tropicalia revolution, and went on to quietly lead some musical revolutions of his own. Given that, it only makes sense that Arto Lindsay’s path would lead to this moment. Let’s all bask in it.