#musicmonday - Cornelius / "In A Dream"

Japanese guitarist/producer/remixer/vocalist/experimenter Keigo Oyamada is best known as Cornelius (inspired by the wise, compassionate character from Planet of the Apes). He’s been making his singularly ingenious style of neo-psych dream pop since the early 90’s, in the form of several acclaimed albums, remixes and soundtrack work.

Mellow Waves, his first new album since 2006’s Sensuous, is a low-key but intricate affair. At first glance, it might be misconstrued as an easy-listening, before-bedtime kind of record, albeit with plenty of Cornelius’ trademark angular guitar patters. But with a closer look/listen, a more sensory experience emerges, and now we’re on a moonlight float, gracefully transported by textured waves of sonic joy.

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“In A Dream” offers one version of that perfect Monday feel: opening gently and gradually building tempo to establish its own sense of propulsion. Such is the genius of Cornelius.