#musicmonday — Harvey Robinson / "Helium Feathers (aka Sheila's Dance)"

We’re all about the music here at Conduit, but we like to Netflix and chill as much as anyone, and one of our absolute favorite recent discoveries has been the BBC Four series, Detectorists. We won’t say too much about it, other than that it’s a mix of tender bittersweetness, hilariously dry comedy and gorgeous, quasi-Lynchian cinematography and pacing that we can’t recommend highly enough. (Not to get too hype-y, or anything...)

We bring this up because today’s featured track is a piece we heard in S1E3 that immediately caught our attention and had us reaching for the Shazam (which, yet again, we stumped). A bit of sleuthing revealed that the song, “Helium Feathers (aka Sheila’s Dance)” is composed and performed by Harvey Robinson, a British actor and composer.

The song is a highly-spacey, new-agey-but-not, vaguely Gamelan-esque floating fragment of magic that more deeply captivates with each listen. On its own, “Helium Feathers” is one of “those” types of tracks, the kind with the quiet clarity to cut through the noise. In the context of the show, it’s an early moment in the series that alerts the viewer to pay attention; otherwise the good stuff’ll slip right by.

In our general experience, we've learned that it's best to never let that happen.