#musicmonday — Jaimie Branch / "Theme 002"

Jazz has been enjoying a bit of a resurgence lately, thanks to artists like Jaimie Branch, a musician who brings vision, drive and purpose to her playing.

Over the past decade, the Chicago trumpeter has collaborated with big names such as Spoon, TV on the Radio and William Parker. It wasn’t until she relocated to NYC a couple of years ago, however, that she released her first solo album, Fly or Die (out in May on International Anthem).

And what an album it is. Personal and inventive, and always precise no matter the style. Check “Theme 002” — the first “single” (a jazz single, haha) off the record, for a perfect example of what we’re talking about.

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“We fly together, or die apart,” says Jaimie in an excellent mini-doc about her (see below). We can’t help but opt for flying. Jaimie Branch’s music’ll give you wings.

Enjoy this bonus mini-doc on Jaimie Branch: