#musicmonday — Khruangbin / “Ma Be Ham Nemiresim (Googoosh Cover)”

Don’t let the strange artist name or song title fool you: this instrumental track speaks the universal language of cool, spacey guitar, steady bass and hypnotic backbeat.

Houston-based Khruangbin are inspired by 70’s/80’s Thai funk and psych (their name is the Thai word for “airplane”). Their 2016 release, The Universe Smiles Upon You (and the tour that followed) propelled them into the indie spotlight, and deservedly so. The album and live show are nothing short of captivating.

This track (a cover of Iranian pre-Revolution pop legend Googoosh) comes from Philia: Artists Rise Against Islamophobia, a collection assembled by Portland’s Floating House Recordings in an effort to “connect people through music and the arts, to promote the ideals of civic love and respect across America. Proceeds raised from album sales and multiple live concerts “go to benefit the work of Unity Productions Foundation, a nationally recognized nonprofit educational organization that specializes in combating Islamophobia.”

Grab this track (or the whole album, which also features Fruit Bats, Emel Mathlouthi and John Vanderslice among others) and drift happily, blissfully into dreamland, secure in the knowledge that you’re supporting a worthy cause.

Peace Through Music: an idea that never gets old.

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