#musicmonday — Little Star / "Calming Ritual #1"

We came upon this sweet little number while listening to the latest digital comp from Glasgow-based music blog, Gold Flake Paint (they put out some great stuff).

There’s not a lot of info out there about Portland’s Little Star. Their Facebook bio puts them in the “trend-based” genre. As you know, at Conduit we do our best to avoid trends, but lovely vox, a simple rhythm and laid back but full guitar sound seem pretty timeless to us.

[This is the sort of song you’ll hear on Conduit’s GYSHIDO or Twilight channels (check Set #164 for proof of that). Listen to 10 free sets and you’ll hear what we're all about. Come discover the music you didn't know you love.]

“Calming Ritual #1” comes from Little Star’s eponymous release (it dropped in April on Good Cheer Records) and feels like the perfect way to get the week rolling. Put this one in your earbuds and take a walk today.