#musicmonday — Molly Burch / "Downhearted"

With her intimate lyrics and charming delivery, Molly Burch sounds like she's playing to an audience of one: you. "Downhearted", the opening track to her debut full-length, Please Be Mine, feels a little dark & twisty, but her voice reassures us that everything is gonna be more than all right.

Molly grew up in LA, where she began her music career as a cover artist, absorbing and reinterpreting the sounds of Patsy Cline, Billie Holliday and Nina Simone. A move to Austin inspired her to write her own music, and it was there that she harnessed her talent for condensing complex feelings into simple lyrics.

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From the first note, we started falling love with Molly Burch's moody tone. Upon further listening, we're head-over-heels.



Kat Buck

Conduit's first intern. Originally from greater Chicagoland. Studies marketing and design at CU-Boulder. Kat loves music and doing crazy things that she'll look back and laugh about in her 30's.

Boulder, CO