#musicmonday — Samarana & Nato / "Olita"

We don't know much about Samarana, other than she's another of the consistently great artists we stumble across in our regular Bandcamp excavations.

From a random Facebook post (which links to a nice mixtape), we learned that she lives in Paris and her real name is Ségolène. "Samarana" is Quechua for "to rest" and she started making music as a way to preserve the memories of her frequent travels.

[We'll also add that Samarana is the kind of artist you'll hear on Conduit's TerraSonic, EasyRiser or Twilight channels. Listen to 10 sets for free to see what we're all about.]

Maybe the slight shroud of mystery surrounding her adds to the allure of Samarana's music. Either way, there's something about it...

"Olita" is just the vibe we're looking for to ease into the week. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.