#netgain — May 2018

Welcome to the May edition of Conduit’s #netgain, in which we share with you a bunch of things we came across in April that we think you might like to know about. It’s mostly — but not exclusively — music releases. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with what makes the list.

As you peruse, a few things to keep in mind:

•The list is ordered by the date, from beginning of month to the end
•This is not a chart or “Top anything.” It’s just a list of stuff we liked last month.
•This list is not limited to the latest and greatest. “The only thing new is you finding out about it.” ([Watt](https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/mike_watt_394462))

May 2018 (480 total tracks ingested in April)

“Instrumental Muses” - a playlist by Christen Lien Christen Lien is the raddest viola player around. She “seeks to support her fans to process the complex and oftentimes dark emotions that oppress individual potential and hold back collective power.” She put a lot of thought into this playlist of instrumental music and I’ve been finding it particularly comforting.

Bill Frisell - Music IS New solo jazz guitar work from a legend of the form.

Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet - Landfall Boundary-dissolving icons’ meditation on Superstorm Sandy and it’s aftermath.

African Scream Contest 2 Analog Africa celebrates the 10th anniversary of a classic’s release with Volume 2. Well played.

Record Kicks Funk Sides Extra cool set of groovy numbers compiled by Italian funk maestros Record Kicks.

Gitkin - 5 Star Motel Wonderwheel Recordings has always delivered the goods, but they’re on a roll lately, as evidenced by this one.

“Cuban Revolutions” Topic reports on the real Cuban music scene today.

BRANDO - I Am the Moon, Walk All Over Me Netlabel Business Casual drops a new release every Friday at noon ET. Some hit. Some miss. This one hits.

VAGZ - Katakana Edits Vol. 57 We’ve already raved about VAGZ’ take on Jorge Ben. There’s much more to him than that though.

Mix-O-Rap - *Eyes of a Key When this guy says lo-fi hip/hop, he means lo-fi hip/hop. Written on the inside, recorded on the outside.

The Limiñanas - Shadow People What can I say? I’m a sucker for French garage pop. (That doesn’t mean it’s not good).

Shakarchi & Straneus - Steal Chickens from Men and the Future from God I know this isn’t a ranked list, but if it were this would be near the top. Not sure how or where I came across this Swedish duo, but they are "super fun," as they say.

Sunny War - With the Sun It’s easy to compare Sunny War to Joan Armatrading (I almost did it myself), but there’s a lot more to her than that. Well worth your time.

Joachim Cooder - Fuchsia Machu Picchu (Temple of Leaves) Son of Ry shows his roots and his branches.

SUPERSAN - Half Man Half Clap: SUPERSAN Remixed I’m a big fan of the spicy global vibes produced by a small cadre of Greece-based artists (e.g., AkizzBeatzz, Sibu, DJ Inko). Add SUPERSAN to the list.

The Spy From Cairo - “Dub Tarab” No one dubs the Arabica (or loves cats) like our man in Cairo (well, Brooklyn, actually).

Leni Stern with Mamadou Ba & Alioune Faye - 3 A lifelong journey into her instrument led one of the modern era’s great guitarists to Africa. It’s clearly a natural progression.

“Killing Eve” - a Spotify playlist by Unloved All I really know about Unloved is that David Holmes is 1/3 of the trio. That’s all I really need to know, as Holmes typically nails whatever he’s working on.

Schegg - Better Change Your Mind One of my favorite recent discoveries, Schegg’s developing a clear voice and vision for African-fueled dancefloor sizzlers.

Kronos Quartet - “Escalay (Waterwheel) featuring Hamza El Din” [Yemanjo Edit] KQ are one of the most progressive artists of our time. Hamza El Din was the father of Nubian music (and a friend and mentor to me). Yemanjo is a fast-emerging artist with an innate feel for trumpet, uke, percussion and, apparently, bootlegging dope mixes.