RE: Tuning

Happy New Year!

Conduit officially launched one year ago this week. Since then, we’ve posted over 200 sets of music created by a team of 17 curators across our eight channels, and served up over 60k track plays. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback about Conduit from our users, with many of you taking the time to let us know how much you like the site and enjoy our unique sound.

As it turns out, however, it takes more than just elegant design and excellent music to have a successful streaming music service. Good vibes and listener acclaim notwithstanding, Conduit was not able to build a subscriber base large enough to cover our licensing costs, much less other operations expenses, payments to curators, salaries, etc.

As such, as of last night, the existing Conduit site has gone dark. [Removes hat. Wipes away tear. Pours one out.]

Rest assured though: this is not the end of Conduit.

We are migrating most of our sets to our Mixcloud channel (there are over 50 there already) so that you can keep getting your Conduit fix (and now it's FREE; see our simple guide for how to easily get the most out of the “new” Conduit). In addition to moving our existing treasure trove of music over to Mixcloud, we'll continue making and posting new sets on a regular basis, and we'll also keep posting our best sonic discoveries to this blog.

While the subscription streaming music service thing didn't work out as we had hoped, we still fully believe in the value and potency of human-powered music curation. With Conduit 2.0, we're shifting our focus to personal and business-to-business curation opportunities. Our new site (at the same address) outlines all that Conduit has to offer.

To be clear: this is not an ending — it's an evolution. Please continue listening to us via Mixcloud (again, it’s free, and in many ways offers even more versatility than our original site and app), reading our blog, following us on social media and, if you're feeling it, let others know about us. There’s a lot of great music out there, and Conduit plans to keep bringing it to you.

Any feedback or comments you care to share (not to mention ideas and leads for where you might see Conduit continuing on the music curation path) are always welcome. Leave a comment here or reach us through our site.

Thank you again for listening to and supporting Conduit.

Yours in music,