So Close You Can Feel It

Conduit is achingly close to playing actual music. As I write this, our small but solid crew of curators are delivering their first sets of deliciously diverse mixes to the site -- stocking the shelves, so to speak. It's exciting.

While we don't, of course, have actual shelves, Conduit is still a store after all, selling streams of aural delight crafted by real humans and delivered in a unique, creative and organic context. We're that local coffee shop, the indie bookstore, the corner bar.

The core tie that binds these types of businesses is that they offer more than mere products -- they purvey connection. The depth of knowledge, experience and locality available at those places is generally superior to what you'll get at the big boxes that have put many of them under. Personal service from a friendly face usually can't be beat.

And then there's the handmade/built/cooked/curated vibe and offering. The feel of it all stands in stark contrast to the brightly lit, LCD, "please all" ambience of the boxes, with all traces of human touch acid-washed out of the presentation.

As the current pulls relentlessly in the direction of bland, the outposts that remain aren't just fighting to remain afloat. They're preserving a way of life; an aspect of our shared humanity, the ability to conduct one's business as an expression of self and service to others.

Conduit is proud and eager to join that cause. We aren't just a collection of expert music freaks and nerds (and, yes, snobs). We are a return to something human and real.

At Conduit, knowing who's choosing the music is half the objective (the amazing music itself is the other half). Over time, some favorites will rise to the top of your personal list. Whether you actually engage with them or not, a relationship forms. The music our curators choose is chosen because they love it. There's something about that transmission that can affect you in a very real way. The right music presented the right way at the right time can change your life in some small (or huge) way. That's the kind of connection we're talking about. That's Conduit.

Conduit is here to help you discover the music you didn’t know you love. Our service launches this fall. To receive the latest updates, mixtapes and an invitation to become a beta tester when we’re up and running, please visit our site and enter your email. You’ll be hearing more from us real soon.

As we approach our beta launch, our curators will be sharing tracks on this blog and mixes through our Mixcloud page. Here's a taste of what you might hear on our Twilight channel. Thanks for reading, and for listening. There's a lot more to come.