The Art of Discovery

Instead of wearing earbuds on my bike rides, I bungee my big bluetooth speaker to the back rack and let the music breathe. It's a more pleasant way to listen (not to mention safer), and, besides, music's meant for sharing, right?

On a recent commute to the office (mandatory in Boulder), it's a brilliant blue summer day, and I've got a Gateway mix on blast. I'm stopped at a red, still perched on my bike, balancing myself against the traffic light pole, and notice a blind man in the crosswalk, approaching me.

By the time he reaches the sidewalk he can hear the music and asks, "What is this? It's beautiful." I tell him the artist's name -- Cheick Hamala Diabate. Smiling, he says it sounds amazing. We chat about the type of speaker it is and, reaching out his hand, he asks if he can touch it. "Of course," I reply, guiding his hand to the box of sound. He gets a feel for it, his smile growing wider, and says again, "That's beautiful. Thank you." Then proceeds on his way, still smiling. I’m smiling too; the exchange charges my morning.

That’s an IRL example of the experience Conduit will deliver. You choose a channel, press play and hear a lot of unfamiliar music, but beautiful nevertheless. You want — need — to hear more. Our curators will take you by the hand and guide you into a dimension of music that’s at once different and accessible. If something new is what you're looking for, it's a real through-the-looking-glass moment.

I’m not saying that on Conduit, you’ll never hear anything you’ve heard before or elsewhere. I’m saying that Conduit presents music in a way that you’ve likely not heard before or elsewhere. In our Sets you’ll hear some familiar tracks, some not so; some from right here, some from far flung locales; some recent sounds, some older. Whatever it is, wherever it’s from, whenever it was made, it all fits together because our talented, experienced curators are assembling it in a way that expresses something.

That’s one of the many things that set Conduit apart from the other streaming services: we don’t construct playlists, we compose them. Like a song, our Sets have a beginning, middle and end. We’re not playing the instruments, but the song selections and sequencing can hit you like a blazing guitar solo, a killer beat or a stirring vocal. It simply sounds and feels “different” (in a good way).

This artful approach isn’t for everyone. We don’t traffic in off-the-rack chart toppers, the trendiest trends, “of the moment” styles or the classic hits of yesteryear. The Conduit sound is timeless and now, ancient to future. We offer a simple alternative to the programmed and focus-grouped. We present rhythms, not algorithms.

Conduit is here to help you discover the music you didn’t know you love. Our service launches this fall. To receive the latest updates, mixtapes and an invitation to become a beta tester when we’re up and running, please visit our site and enter your email. You’ll be hearing more from us real soon.

As we approach our beta launch, our curators will be sharing tracks on this blog and mixes through our Mixcloud page. Here's a taste of what you might hear on our TerraSonic channel. Thanks for reading, and for listening. There's a lot more to come.