Why Conduit?

Remember back in the day, when you had plenty of time to look for music, flipping through record (and/or CD) racks in search of something cool and fresh and new? Maybe a recommendation from the record store clerk, or an article in Rolling Stone, or a killer mixtape from a trusted friend steered you in a new direction and sent you down the rabbit hole, looking for more and similarly exciting sounds.

Then came the job, the kids, The Grind. The record stores (and those knowledgeable clerks) are gone now, and you’ve lost touch with that awesome mixtape maker. Sure, an entire universe of music is readily accessible via Spotify, Apple, Google, etc., but left to fend for yourself, how do you find the habitable planets in that vast sea of stars? How do you even know where to begin, other than with the music with which you’re already too familiar? How do you recapture that thrill of discovering a newfound sound? It can be overwhelming, and before you know it, you haven’t listened to anything new since your early-30’s.

Now, it seems everyone’s trying to deliver something new for you, but no one’s quite succeeding. Relying on algorithms and “IYLTTYLT” quasi-curated, hyper-focused playlists, most deliver mainstream or just-underground music that you’ve already heard or sounds too much like the rut you’re trying to get out of.

But that’s not what those recommendations and mixtapes of yesteryear were based on. Chances are, whoever made them for you didn’t put too much thought into your listening history – if they knew it at all. They simply had some great songs that they wanted you to hear, and they trusted that you would dig it. And most of the time, it worked, right?

They turned you on to music they love, and in so doing turned you onto the music you didn’t know you love.

That’s the philosophy behind Conduit: proven tastemakers and selectors with a passion for scouring the bins, virtual and real, unearthing the gems that go unnoticed by the algorithms and the curators seemingly fixated on the science – rather than the sound – of music. Those sonic jewels then go into sets designed to flow. How does this song connect to the one before it and the one that comes after in a way that doesn’t just make sense, but elicits a feeling from the listener? That’s the question Conduit’s curators are constantly asking.

Yes, we think you’ll love the music; but first, we must love it. Each human-curated set on Conduit is a mixtape of tracks designed to delight you, to slake your thirsty ear, to send you back down that rabbit hole in pursuit of that new sound or artist you all of a sudden just can’t get enough of.

Conduit is here to help you discover the music you didn’t know you love. Our service launches this fall. To receive the latest updates, mixtapes and an invitation to become a beta tester when we’re up and running, please visit our site and enter your email. You’ll be hearing more from us real soon.

Speaking of mixtapes, as we ramp up towards our official launch, our curators will be sharing mixes through our Mixcloud page, beginning with this one. In just 22 minutes, it will give you an idea of the variety of music you’ll hear on our flagship channel, GYSHIDO – music to help you Get Your SHIt DOne. Enjoy, and thanks for listening.